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Ways to finance

Custom payment structures for your new and used equipment

Since 1990, CWB Equipment Financing has helped businesses like yours finance and lease the equipment to do the job right and keep growing. We finance both new and used equipment - sometimes even up to 100% of the purchase price.

Not sure if you should finance or lease equipment? We can help you understand the benefits of leasing versus financing equipment. Talk to one of our specialists to understand how it can affect your cash flow.

One piece of equipment or many

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes and will finance anything from:

  • A single piece of equipment; 
  • A fleet of equipment;
  • The inventory for your equipment rental or leasing business
Seasonal flexibility

We understand seasonal business cycles require special financing considerations. 

Your account manager will work with you to arrange working capital injections and interest-only or skip-payments during your business’s seasonal cycles.

  • Working capital injections

We recognize the importance of having plenty of working capital so that you can take advantage of opportunities to expand or pay for the costs of getting back to work during your next seasonal ramp-up. We can provide working capital loans so that you can keep growing your business.

  • Seasonal arrangements 
    Seasonality is part of every business, and you need an account manager who understands that. CWB Equipment Financing will work with you to arrange interest-only or skip payments during spring break-up, fire season, or other seasonal slow-downs.

Access equity in your equipment

CWB Equipment Financing can help you take advantage of the equity you have in your equipment.

  • Sale leaseback 
    If you already own a piece of equipment, but now need to re-capitalize that equipment, we’ll buy your equipment so that you can take out a loan and lease the equipment back from us.
  • Rental conversion financing 
    CWB Equipment Financing will help you use the rent payments you’ve already paid on equipment against a full-out purchase of the equipment. We’ll fund the price of the rest of that purchase and get you back to work, now owning the equipment instead of renting it.

Pre-approved financing and lines of credit

We know sometimes you don’t have time to arrange financing before you buy your next piece of equipment.

Pre-approved financing and lines of credit means you can take advantage of the next opportunity that comes your way, instead of waiting for your financing to come through.

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